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Matthew Pace:
For me Albert Watson remains one of my favorite heroes. He is enduring and true to his viewpoint and techniques today as he was over thirty years ago. Not going with the trends of time nor the whistles and bells some technology brings, he puts his untiring stamp on every piece of work he does,
from Keith Richards in the 70s -2 ©albert watson                                                                                                    to Steve Jobs in this era.  -1
©albert watson
I have attended some of his lectures,collected his books and viewed his exhibits and still remain inspired by what is seemingly a simple and direct approach.I am still intrigued to his classic portraiture and lighting and awed by its masterful perfection. All of this, done by a man with vision in one eye only for which he named his classical book “Cyclops” 
At an age when most men retire, he grows and takes on larger projects remaining the top 10 in the world. Kudos to a soft-spoken man who shoots loudly and boldly as I stay listening…
I’ve been told that there are tons of photographers out there…maybe but look at Watson’s website and tell me that after. If you can, you don’t understand photography.
Lucrecia Diaz:
I was lucky to attend a workshop in Madrid with one of the greatest in contemporary photography, Eugenio Recuenco, an artist whose images evoke an imaginary world populated with surreal landscapes and characters, visions achieved through meticulous photographic production.-5
©Eugenio Recuenco
Eugenio is not simply a photographer; rather, he is an artist working with light and the camera in a painterly way. Fundamental to his work is Eric Dover, his Production Designer, who is responsible for physically realizing his ideas or concepts. Eric produces the stage as well as the majority of the objects that are found in the image, resulting in compositions that consist of entirely unique elements.
©Eugenio Recuenco
Eugenio carefully incorporates his objects and characters into his photographs, lighting them one by one, preferably using continuous light, to better see how each piece will contribute to the final image.Long exposures and open diaphragms allow him to create the sense of unreality that he seeks to achieve in his works. In Eugenio’s words, “My story is a struggle with focus; with less focus, more is left to the imagination, you dream more…”Eugenio’s unique style privileges him to work constantly for the likes of clients such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, GQ, Pernord Ricard, Ninna Ricci, Boucheron, among many others.
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