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GalleryShow02_IMG_3786LRJorge Parra specializes in photographing and directing people for advertising, editorial, and fine art projects.

His fusion of fashion, beauty and fine art photography diffuses the line between personal and commercial work, creating compelling still and motion visual imagery, ranging from the mundane to the conceptual.

He travels the world, bringing his accumulated field experience to major advertising campaigns, editorial publications, and collaborations on several social/humanitarian/environmental causes.

Jorge Parra is also the mastermind behind the creation and development of the Miami Visual Collective.

In tandem with yet another partnership, Jorge is currently developing his own environmental project, Change 10.

A native of Venezuela, He constantly explores new formats, including motion works and 3D art installations, using his natural curiosity to look for the unexpected.

Fluent in both English and Spanish, he applies his unique people skills to work with subjects from all walks of life—from business titans and celebrity divas to fashion models, athletes and teens.

He takes care of coordinating all production values for a shoot, big or small including location scouting, permits, model casting, wardrobe, styling, hair and make-up. Jorge has in his repertoire extensive experience with water splashes and underwater fashion and commercial shoots.

©Jorge Parra

Parra’s work has also appeared in acclaimed art books, including “The Mammoth Book of Erotica” and the “Dictionary of 20th Century Architecture.” He was recently featured in the “Masters and Visionaries” special edition of Digital Photo Pro magazine, is a Hasselblad finalist, and a Canon “Editor’s Choice” award for conceptual fashion photography.

He lists several gallery shows in the U.S. and South America, with plans for more. Jorge’s personal / fine art work has been used in different advertising campaigns for health/beauty, cosmetics, mineral waters and liquors blurring the line between commercial and fine art photography.

Jorge also teaches advanced lighting and conceptual photography courses/workshops at the Miami Ad School.
Some of his past clients include Christian Dior, L’oreal, Metropolitan Ballet, Avon Cosmetics, Brahma Beer, and Ray Ban, among many other fashion and general consumer brands.

©Jorge Parra


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