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The Miami Visual Collective values and appreciate the many people who have helped  building up the drive to make things happen, and keeps doing so.

Among the many who have assisted us, we have special thanks to the following contributors:

Karen Shuff  is helping us with most needed perfect copy and proofing. Karen is a freelance Copyeditor from North Carolina who specializes in fast, professional service with a personal touch, all geared towards  marketing. 

Karen’s statement: “I have a very technical side to myself, and a more creative, expressive side.  Copyediting enables me to access both strengths, so that I can help to make writing both technically perfect and more expressive.  Writing requires both to communicate effectively”.  

Learn more about her services at

Chris Odom is a commercial photographer and director of photography specializing in the marine industry. When not working Chris enjoys spending time on the waters of south Florida. He is currently working on a documentary about Bahamian sailing sloops and their connection to Bahamian culture.

 You can see more about Chris Odom’s work on his main site:

 Claudia De Rubeis: Claudia is a photographer with a particular passion for words. Combining her love for photography with a fine love for words, she helps with the task of proofing and copywriting for the Collective. After graduating from Brooks Institute in California, Claudia returned home to South Florida, where she shoots for both commercial and private clients.

Cory Zacharia: Cory is a well recognized award-winning Copywriter, who has been working in the advertising industry since forever, attending both the General and the Hispanic markets. Cory is a good friend and is helping us with, well, you know already, copy.  She is founder and Director of a Miami Boutique Advertising Agency,  Z Creative Twist.

Ronald Garcia: owner of RNGM Productions. Ronald is the quintessential cinematographer, video editor, director, in short, everything motion. He is currently working on the newest trend, creating proprietary 3D content for TV broadcast. Ronald  is our go-to-guy for everything video and sound editing.

Jorge H Hulian is an Art Dealer in Miami. No wonder, his company name is ArtDealerMiami.  Jorge  owns two galleries, one in South Beach and another one in Sunset Drive. We have to thank Jorge for his commitment to help us out, by hosting our very first MVC Gallery show, which was used to make the public launch of the Collective.

Deanne Delbridge: Deanne is a Creative Consultant from San Francisco, who planted the seed to create the Collective. She has also helped us with branding options and will continue to provide creative and marketing assistance in the future.

Currently we are preparing a marketing intern to help us out with the many tasks involved in this initiative.

As other contributors add their grain of salt to our project, we will keep giving recognition to them in this contributors page.

To all of you , MANY THANKS!!!



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