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The founding members of the Miami Visual Collective are well recognized professionals in their fields of expertise. However, each one of them was drawn to photography in the first place by their passion and love for the visual arts.

This passion is alive and well, and each one of the MVC members is a true visual artist. They continue to explore the media with avid curiosity.  Each member has presented several group and solo shows of their own work. See below for more info.

The Collective started operations in the summer of 2012.  The official launch of the group was celebrated publicly with a great gallery exhibition entitled, ”Works in Progress,” held in a reputable gallery in Sunset, Miami.

New gallery shows are being planned for 2013. Stay tuned for more information.

This section showcases some of the personal / fine art work of these consummate professionals. Visit often, as the images will be updated frequently.

Jorge Parra, has been working non-stop in building his presence in the fine art market. Some of his images are part of the sold out british and american editions of the “Mammoth Book of Erotica Photography”. After several exhibitions run in different galleries during Art Basel Miami, plus experimental proposals like “Occupy CitiBank”, and underwater exhibitions of special prints,  his work is being collected by  high end private collectors. A major retrospective is in the works.

You can see some of Jorge’s art side in his FineArtPhotoShowcase website

Paul Morris is not only a consummate professional. His list of group exhibitions and solo shows is endless. Paul is currently working on a great book about his fine art work, to be published by end of this year.

You can see some of Pauls’ fine art photography work at MorPhotoArt

Matthew Pace is obsessed with fish, as anyone can tell by his fine art images. Matthew is also the owner of the Fine Art Photographers Group on Linkedin, putting together more than 15,000 artists, who login on a daily basis to share experiences about their art and careers.

Matt is also building an impressive collection of  “Disposable Art” through his iPhone images in his website

Sid Hoeltzell  not only is a visual artist, he is also a fine art printer, and he provides archival art prints for a growing number of photographers.
Sid has been commissioned for over 400 works on 16 ships
of the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. He is one of the”Art on Royal” artists for RCCL

Click to see some of Sid’s fine art work

Jorge Cardenas has such a strong passion for cars and vehicles that his personal work encompasses the same subject, but with a fantastic twist where carefully crafted images are built around metal that tell an unusual, dark story.

Click to see some of Cardena’s fine art work.

Lucrecia Diaz has focused on dance photography from several unusual angles that have elevated her photographs beyond the ordinary. She has recently published a great calendar featuring the dancers from the Miami Contemporary Dance Company. Lucrecia is currently shooting dancers in Spain.

Click to see some of Lucrecia’s fine art work 




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