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The Miami Visual Collective (MVC) cultivates an eclectic, diverse, creative pool of talent, suited for today’s dynamic visual industry. This multi-lingual team of professionals is Miami-based with a global reach, providing top class imagery for local, national and international clients.

Their work encompasses portraiture, fashion, food and beverage, aerial, underwater, automotive, sports, dance and movement, travel, leisure and luxury, in studio or on location. They possess a thorough knowledge of all production values involved in both advertising and editorial projects.

This group of independent creators shares the value of collaboration, realizing that a team is greater than its individual elements. MVC is about providing creative solutions, group support, and a cooperative spirit in order to optimize the final results of any production, no matter what the size or complexity

The Collective performs as a powerful talent resource for the commercial art market. Depending on the specific project, members will work individually or as a team to provide an outstanding level of expertise in different specialties.

Miami Visual Collective founding members include:  Jorge Parra, Sid Hoeltzell, Paul Morris,  Matthew Pace,  Jorge Cardenas, and Lucrecia Diaz.

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