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by  Jorge Parra,  aka The Un-Boring

Phillippe Starck is one of the designers whose influence in reshaping Miami is already remarkable, easy to spot around town, in iconic projects,  like the Icon South Beach and the Icon Brickell, plus several private projects.
 His latest  project and recent addition to the Magic City scene, is the transformation of the  classic Art Deco Ritz Plaza Hotel, in the heart of  the Miami Beach Architectural District, for 30 years, the tallest building in South Beach,  back in the days, into the ultra modern and slick “SLS Hotel South Beach”.
©Jorge Parra

©Jorge Parra

The  design genius of Phillipe Starck had to deal with a great creative challenge: this time Starck was not starting up from scratch, but re-inventing an already famous witness to South Beach’s past glories, and  blending the classic views of the Deco hotel, with his personal, contemporary touch, was no simple task at all, and the aesthetically eclectic results are truly outstanding!

Talking about aesthetics, what I love most about my work as a photographer and director has to do with both the absence of routines, and the swapping of subject matters -true aesthetic contrast- between projects.

Shifting from Advertising to Editorial, then to personal / Fine Art work on the Nude, and switch then to some contribution to a Non Profit organization’s social awareness project, and then back into commercial work, brings out an eerie state of mind, and makes my life the story of  the Un-Boring. Bored is a concept the just escapes my understanding.

©Jorge Parra

©Jorge Parra

As much as I developed my  passion for photography and grew up professionally  shooting people for Advertising and Fashion, working with the most beautiful models, the input from some creative directors, challenging me to shoot outside of my comfort zone, eventually led me to Architecture, Interior Design and Lighting Design Photography, which  are now part of my commercial portfolio.

And one thing led to another! I got one of those calls we love to receive: Conde Nast called, asking to shoot an editorial, fully documenting Starck’s new SoBe jewel.

©Jorge Parra

©Jorge Parra

The production was scheduled for a  rather hot day,  after having scouted the location in detail previously.  Most of the images requested were  architectural and interior design images, but I also took portraits  of the  famous  resident chefs,  spanish Jose Andres, and japanese Master Chef Katsuya Uechi, and rounded up with night shots of the warm and welcoming spaces of  the revamped Ritz Plaza.

Selected  images will publish in  the Spain edition of  Conde Nast Traveler on January 2013, and later on, in other european countries.

One more cool  project to stay un-boring and a tribute to the creative design work of Phillipe Starck.

To see more of my work in Architecture, Interior Design and Lighting Design Photography, Visit the Synthetic Habitat Website


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