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©Jorge Parra
                                                    ©Jorge Parra

Anyone can tell now with certainty:  it was not the end of world!  

Among many other good things, this also means  that we will -still- be alive and kicking, to enjoy  more of these magnificent sunrises and sundowns in this beautiful planet!!

We just misunderstood the Mayans. What most experts failed to conclude is that the end of the Mayan calendar did not imply the end of the world, not in “Doomsday format”

The world isn’t ending,  just one big  cycle ended,  and we, at the Miami Visual Collective are ready to  welcome and embrace a new cycle with  positive change, and isn’t this what a New Year is really about?                                                                      Mayans didn’t look forward to an end, they celebrated a new beginning. Let’s make it ours!!

The end of the old cycle in the year 2012 was full of hard work, many creative challenges and mostly repair and slow growth, from the economic bubble of previous years that fizzled.

Now, we are starting fresh, embracing and  creating positive change, and moving forward towards prosperity and success for all who strive to achieve it.

This our wish for all our current and future clients. Partnering with you and your  business is our goal to accomplish it.

The members of the Miami Visual Collective send you the very best wishes for this New Year 2013.

May peace, health, happiness and prosperity be in your path and may our paths cross to insure it!


©Sid Hoeltzell

©Sid Hoeltzell


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