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By Matthew Pace

I had no idea what he did, all I knew is something smelled fishy, but after they told me what he had done, I had little choice. 

They hired me to shoot Bronzini, and I took the gig.

The plan was simple, get there early and be ready. He and a few other associates flew in that very morning, somewhere off the coast of the Mediterranean. They would show me who he was, so I had to put myself in position, get my shooting gear ready, and wait, until he was captured and brought to me.

I didn’t have much time to shoot him, but some years of experience doing this, helped me wash away any hesitation and regrets, just get the shot off and fast!

They brought him. He was a slippery devil alright, but  we wrestled  and secured him onto the table. I will never forget the cold look in his eyes. 

I took the shot, actually,  I took 4 shots,  just to make sure I got him, and then we hauled him back onto the freezer. We’ll deal with the body later…

This is cold-blooded Bronzini, on his best-looking angle.

Bronzini fish,whole fish

And these below are some of Bronzini’s friends and associates I have been commissioned to shoot before him.

Variety of raw seafood.

You should know by now that,  regardless of  how it looks, I am a Lens for Hire, and I shoot food.

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