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The members of the Miami Visual Collective (MVC)  were  recently involved in a fine humanitarian project, involving kids waiting for adoption. The perfect blend of collaboration and  cooperation, endorsing social causes in critical times.

Under the general coordination of Circle of One Marketing Agency, the Children’s Trust and the Miami Heart Gallery, our MVC shooters were invited to photograph kids of different ages, who are hoping for  a better future, a new life as adopted children, and their portraits, shot by our team, will certainly help finding them a good, welcoming family.
The famous Graffitti Walls on Winwood were chosen as the location for all shootings. Sid Hoeltzell,  Jorge Parra, Matthew Pace, Paul Morris, Jorge Cardenas, Alex Espriella and Lucrecia Diaz, used their own personal styles to  capture  the soul of a good number of kids currently in foster care.
Hair and make up styling was provided by several free lance artists who also donated their time and work.
Students from the Art Institute (Ft Lauderdale) and the Miami Ad School donated their time as photographer’s assistants and producers. Photographers, picked their choice of location, lighting etc, and proceeded to work on the portraits for each individual kids, plus some group photos.
Most of the MVC members have been donating their work for this cause as individuals, on an ongoing basis, for several years .
Now, we are approaching the proposal as a Collective effort, a way to give something back to society and help those in real distress.
The final portrait images will be showcased, just as every year, in a gallery exhibition, expected for early 2013. A great initiative towards building a presence in the media, and call the attention of the general public, about the misfortunes of so many kids, who were pushed by difficult or unbearable situations, into foster care, kids who deserve a second chance to grow as healthy and happy as possible.
More info about this initiative can be found at the Miami Heart Gallery’s website
The Miami Visual Collective intends to expand it’s outreach to other relevant social causes in the future,  in tandem with Advertising Agencies and Non Profit organizations.
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