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For more than twenty years I have been photographing Miami from the air and from the ground.  Throughout its relatively short history, this city has been a playground for the rich and famous, and infamous.  Following the money, a myriad of developers came, seeking to transform our city from the small city by the bay it once was in the late 80’s-
into the cosmopolitan city of the future we have today.
Now, once again, thanks to a strong South American financial influence,
construction is on the rise and another building boom is beginning.
This new image was captured while I was directing the creation of HD video footage as part of a campaign for the development of properties at 600 and 700 Biscayne Blvd.  The new buildings will dwarf the historic Miami Freedom Tower, directly to the south of the development property.

Known as the “Cuban Ellis Island”, the tower is where many emigrated through to become American citizens, and  it’s presence will always remind us of our early past, a silent witness of the swift changes in the look and feel of the magic city.

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