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No Life Guard on Duty

By now every aware photographer knows,has heard of or has tried the Lens Baby. Why not, it is great way to become an Impressionist overnight.

Like from a previous post, new tools lead to new visions and in some cases from there another series emerges. My original vision is an ongoing series, “Dreamstates” …Impressions at sunrise through dream filled eyes..
or as it is sometimes referred to as “..Love you have that one in focus? “

So first, for those who “love it” and are ready to ask if I have do it in focus, know that the reason you are attracted to it, might be the look that goes with the image. Both go hand in hand, like Casals and a Cello, to make the music you are hearing. Oddly I do that question anyway.

Any other photographers experience this? If not, then I truly am alone which is why I am here! Anyway C’est la vie MF. and on to

where I was really going with this..

a new brush, the Lens Baby and my ongoing series.

South Beach,FL. just has it for this lens IMHO, the pastel colors and surroundings at certain times of the day seem to just paint themselves, and really turn me on…well not THAT way, but of course this alone thing might contribute to that. But another thing that happened while shooting this series is not just a new vision from a new brush but a new viewpoint emerging from it.

” No Life Guard on Duty”

Ralph Gibson talked about the point of departure.To sum up; a necessary place from where you start but may not be where you wind up, but without it,you would never come to where you are. Recognizing this, you use it by going with the flow and what happens from there might just be something that is intuitively deep with you,based on your experiences,tastes,outlook,feelings etc. For some, inspiration, for others, the sum total of your soul reaching out to express something inside by recognizing something that is outside. “Out of focus?” ……..are we all alone…or is there No Life Guard on Duty?

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