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The FaceMask I wear everyday protects you, so, as a courtesy to my health and my life, you should also wear a mask when approaching me and others. SIMPLE!! We may stop worrying about people bitching against masks. Exactly the same happened back in the 50’s when every person in the business, every intellectual, every engineer and basically everybody said that it was impossible to “force” the American people to wear seatbelts while driving cars, and now you can see, who is not wearing them? So basically, the bitching will go away and the FaceMask is going to become part of our daily routines and fashion statement dressing codes. We better start early, now that the virus is still killing so many and sickening so many more and gaining on us! Get used to it and keep moving guys!! We are already set and ready to work our photography and video projects in spite of the virus! We have done what needed to be done, and, in addition to our standard studio, our At Home Facilities and our Produce at Home capabilities are all ready to go. We are now a hybrid production team, and we have plenty of outdoor spaces to shoot with natural light too! So, when clients do not want (and especially if they do not need) to go full scale with the standard studio photo/video-shoots, we can still provide our top services to mid-sized and small campaigns, keeping tab on the health and safety of the teams we will be working with. From Fashion and Beauty to Lookbooks to Artwork Reproduction and Collectibles to e-Commerce ( product shot still life) and Food Photography, we have all the necessary equipment and expertise to make it all work nicelyl. Just contact as to discuss all details regarding the safe and healthy workflows devised to resolve your projects efficiently and with minimum or zero risk. Many years of experience guarantees that the large majority of the productions can be sorted out with minimum crews ( and even no crew for some types of commercial projects), while keeping the deadly effects of the virus out of focus. BTW, we will ALL be wearing FaceMasks at all times!! Cheers #jorgeparraphotography #rafanunesfoto #rngm

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