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Ballet Folklorico de Antioquia

Dancers: Debora Posada, Laura Serna, Cynthia Torres and Sara Posada

Every time I stay for a while in some place, I go and explore the new spaces and people, photographing almost everything that catches my attention, out of cheer curiosity, but at some point, I focus myself back into my photographic passion: Dance Photography.

To that end,  I make contact with the main dance and /or ballet companies of each city,  and work with those groups which respond positively to my requests to shoot, and thus I make my “Dance Image Projects” grow a bit more.

During my last visit to Colombia, I was fortunate to receive and immediate positive response from the Antioquia Folk Ballet Company ( Ballet Folklorico de Antioquia, in Medellin), whose Director, Zuleima Asprilla, made all her resources available to me for a photo-shoot.

Ballet Folklorico de Antioquia

Dancers: Debora Posada, Laura Serna, Cynthia Torres, Sara Posada, Ana Maria Granados, Vanessa Bastidas

Although the Antioquia Ballet Company has a long repertoire based on traditional colombian folkloric dances, they are currently entering a stage of experimentation into contemporary dance, thanks to the amazing influence of their Art Director, spanish-born Maria Rovira.

Ballet Folklorico de Antioquia

Ballet Folklorico de Antioquia -Laura Serna

This was a great opportunity to explore both the dance movements and the beauty of the human body, something that is not always possible to photograph, when working with traditional and classical dance companies.

Ballet Folklorico de Antioquia

Ballet Folklorico de Antioquia- Andres Guerra

About Lucrecia Diaz: Lucrecia is currently our traveling member, these days you will find her in Sidney, Australia, but she is always pursuing her passion and drive for Dance Photography. You can find out more about Lucrecia in her Profile, right here.



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