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CRANBERRIES: The All American Fruit

The American Fruit…by Matthew Pace

I thought I was cold that early New England morning until, I watched this guy waist deep in a freshly flooded field of cranberries.

By now, most have seen the video ads , you know the two guys standing comfortably in a lake of floating berries talking about their juice, looks good on the tube, just not as good as the real deal I saw the real people who produce it, not an easy thing for them to do, but a very cool thing to watch. It made me like them more!

Harvesting cranberries ©2011matthewpace

So here I was at the capital of cranberries where Ocean Spray presides over the local growers, who supply them with these multicolored ruby-red little marbles of fruit.

Contrary to what I thought, they don’t grow in the water. They grow on vines along the ground and when the time is right, around late September to October, they flood the area from a nearby water source. The branches rise and along comes the “Water Reel” (video) or what they call Egg Beaters that slap those berries off the vines and float to the top. That’s called Wet Harvesting and often whole families take part.

Wet Harvesting cranberries ©2011matthewpace

Wet Harvesting cranberries a family event riding on the Beater and having a picnic at the same time.

So this Thanksgiving, when you slide out that ruby log out of the can to celebrate a real American holiday, know that you are eating turkey with a real American fruit.

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Wet Harvesting cranberries with a Water Reel ©2011matthewpace



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