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By Guest Contributor, Photographer and Director Chris Odom:


I have been the official videographer for Key West Race Week for the past ten years. While the benefit to having a long term client is obvious-constant work, most would be tempted to fall into the trap of providing the same product for the client year after year. But not me!

In our ten year relationship, I have continually strived to innovate and provide a high level of production within the given budget of my client. And as you can imagine, that can be hard to do with any video production, much less one that takes place 3 miles offshore and on location for an entire week.

While the video production has certainly improved over the years, I always felt there was something missing.

Fast forward to 2008. While doing some research on transmitting images to a remote desktop for an upcoming advertising shoot, the proverbial light bulb went off. By leveraging cutting edge transmitting technology and a few media distribution platforms, I came up with a concept I called Key West Race Week Live. The simple yet ambitious concept would incorporate live video, stills and commentary streamed from the course 3 miles offshore.

The goal was to engage those who were not able to attend or stuck behind their desk in some frigid part of the country daydreaming about the azure waters off Key West. I put together the concept and made the pitch, but my client’s response was “TOO EXPENSIVE!”.

However, I stuck with it, knowing it was a great concept!

©Chris Odom

©Chris Odom

In the fall of 2012 I received a phone call from my client asking if we could revisit the concept. By then, the tools and technology had evolved to a point of maturity where transmitting images and video over wireless connections were stable and cost effective. After a few revisions and numerous conversations, it was a go.

With less than two months to go before the start of the event, I went into preproduction right away, assembling a team and dividing up responsibilities. I assembled a team consisting of 5 people to fill the following positions: DP/Director, editor, colorist, photo desk editor, data wrangler and of course still and video shooters. While every member had a primary role, it was made clear that we all had to wear whatever hats were necessary during the production.

With the team and logistics in place, the biggest concern on location then became image capture, editing and data management. In the end we produced 3 terabytes of information over the course of 6 days-12,643 images and almost 30 hours of footage!

All of this would not have been possible without a focused preproduction and assembling a team of trusted professionals. However, The biggest payoff comes from providing a cutting edge product for a trusted client within their given budget.

Click below to see a sample video of the images broadcasted live.

©Chris Odom

©Chris Odom

See more of Chris Odom’s stills and video work on Marine Sports and Lifestyle on his website:



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